The gift of greatness as a horse player – PA

Another remarkably good thread from the best horse racing forum on the web: ++++++++++++++++++++++++ The gift of greatness as a horse player. Do you feel you have a special gift to handicap horses or do you think that any expertise that you learned is something that anyone could have learned if they put in […]

Turning Pro – Harder Than It Looks

  Two months ago I began playing professionally. I thought you would be interested to know how it is going thus far. First, many of you have assumed that I have been playing every day for years. That is not true. Most of my play has been via a wagering partnership where I support the […]

Handicapping Live – 0003 July 11, 2013

 How often do horses below 7/2 Win? Handicapping System: Claiming Sprints N2L Exacta Betting: Using a Tiered Approach (Part 1) To Download Complete Video and/or Audio and Play on Your Computer   To Watch Online (iPad, Large Screen, Browser, etc).  To Download Related Materials (PDF’s, Spreadsheets, etc.)  Please leave your comments below.

Strategy vs. Tactics for the Horse Handicapper

This post began as a topic on The Horse Handicapping Authority Facebook page. Alan Horvath, a very accomplished handicapper that I follow on FB, asked this question: Alan Horvath Race tactics vs. long-term wagering strategy: Which is more important? I gather it depends on who we’re talking about. For example, a guy who goes to […]

How Much Must You Bet to Play Professionally?

This is a question from our The Horse Handicapping Authority Facebook Page. Shawn asks: “How much do you have to bet per race if $30.00 is hobbyist? What does it take to do it for a living?” Let’s work through the math. Let’s say that you are wagering $30 per race and you do that […]

Which races hold the most value for me?

As always, this week’s show addresses several important issues faced by every handicapper. “Which Speed Rating is Best?” is a common question. There is a poll for that question. Click here to see what the public thinks. Watch the show to get a better answer. In “Elim Pct: Deciding if this race is worth a play,” […]

Becoming a Type 4 Handicapper

Each week I receive many comments from handicappers all over the country who are having difficulties finding the path to their success. Recently, I spent some time looking back on some of these e-mails. In reading them I found that many of their struggles were similar to what I have experienced in my  quest for […]

Episode 4 | HSH Insider’s Club

Dominant Pace: Horses win because of their ability to dominate some portion of a race.

Show 3 | Horse Handicapping Live with Dave Schwartz

Howard Sartin and Me

It is August, 1987. I am working at a computer store in Reno as a salesman. As the story begins, I am actually on leave after having a minor but painful car accident on September 3rd. Mid-September I meet a man in a racebook who is armed with a Sharp (I think) handheld computer and […]

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